Magnet med håndtak Ø 18 x 250 mm, syrefast stål

Ø18 mm x 250 mm med håndtak, vanntett og syrefast stål, tåler opptil 80°C

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Magnetic filter bars with wooden handle are used to catch magnetic soft parts (shavings, screws, nails, etc). They may be used in the food industry (version available with a handle made of stainless steel) as well as recycling, ceramics and more.

This magnetic filter bar is closed in a housing made of 1H18N9T (1.4541),(321) acid-proof steel. In this way the magnet is not exposed to impacts or directly contact with water. All the surfaces of the magnetic filter bar are magnetic active. Standard made version is not waterproof. A waterproof one can be custom made.

On commission we are ready to manufacture magnetic filter bars with diameters: 18 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm, 51 mm, with lengths adjusted according to Clients expectations. The minimum length of manufactured filter bars is 100 mm.

Magnetic field over middle poles, on surface of the housing tube of filter bar is min. 0,540 [T].

In the magnetic filter bar sintered neodymium magnets with remanence approx. 1,3 [T] (~13000 Gs) were used. The maximum working temperature for magnetic filter bars involving neodymium magnets is 80o[C].

We generally recommend individual checking of the holding magnet in any specific working conditions.

Length including handle: 250 mm

Weight: ~0,4 [kg]

Vekt400 g
OverflateSyrefast stål
Maks. temperatur80°C
Mål av magnetiske delØ18 x 150 mm
Lengde250 mm
Gjenge (mm)M6
Magnetfeltmin. 0,540 [T]
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