Stangmagnet Ø 32 x 225 mm med 2x M10 gjenger

Tåler opptil 80°C | Syrefast stål | Neodym magnet | 2x M10 gjenger

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The cylindrical surface of the magnetic filter bar is magnetically active. Magnetic poles are arranged circumferentially, alternately, along the entire length (N, S, N, S... etc.), at intervals close to the diameter of the filter bar. Both ends are provided with M10 threaded holes for mounting. The magnetic filter bar is closed in a housing made of acid-proof steel AISI 304, which meets the requirements of food and industrial standards. A thick-walled housing pipe assures the long-term use.

The magnetic field we gave was measured over middle poles, on surface of the housing pipe. In the magnetic filter bar sintered neodymium magnets with remanence approx. 1,3 [T] (~13000 Gs) were used, what enables the catch of even very small ferromagnetic elements.

Both versions of magnetic filter bars waterproof and non-waterproof are made. The differentially diameters and lengths enable a self-construction of separation systems for loos, liquid and gas products (eg. sugar, flour, grains, herbs, pellets, oils, juices, air etc.).

On the picture we see magnetic filter bars with catched iron fillings.


A cleaning is carried out by moving catched ferronagnetic elements to one end of the magnetic filter bar. The magnetic force at the ends is smaller what makes to take them away easier.

Vekt1,2 kg
OverflateSyrefast stål
Maks. temperatur80°C
Magnet detaljerNeodymium
Magnetfelt0,75 T
Diameter32 mm
DimensjonØ32 x 225 mm
Gjenge (mm)M10
Gjenge informasjon2x M10
Gjenge typeInnvendig
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Du omtaler:Stangmagnet Ø 32 x 225 mm med 2x M10 gjenger
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