Håndmagnet med trehåndtak 80 x 80 x 32 mm, ferrit

Løfter opptil 24 kg, M10 gjenge, vanntett og syrefast stål, tåler opptil 250°C

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The maximum pull force: ~24 [kg]

Holding magnets with wooden handle are used to catch magnetic soft parts (shavings, screws, nails, etc). They may be used in the food industry (version available with a handle made ​​of stainless steel) as well as recycling, ceramics and more.

This holding magnet is closed in a housing made of 1H18N9T (1.4541) acid-proof steel. In this way the magnet is not exposed to impacts or directly contact with water. Standard made version is not waterproof. On commission we are ready to provide a waterproof one.

Magnetic field on surface of the magnetic pole is ~0,250 [T].

In the holding magnet sintered ferrite magnets with wide range of activity were used. The maximum working temperature for holding magnets involving ferrite magnets is 250oC.

The pull force given refers to hoisting capacity measured in optimal conditions, by using as a backing plate a sheet made of low-carbon steel, 10 [mm] thick, of smooth surface and with the force acting perpendicularly, in room temperature.

Notice: the pull force given should be treated as only a comparative value. An actual pull force depends on the following factors:

air gap (a distance) between holding magnet and an attracted element
material, of which an attracted element is made (the higher carbon proportion in steel, the smaller pull force)
surface of an attracted element (the smoother the surface, bigger the pull force)
direction of acting of detaching force (the biggest pull force is obtained with perpendicular acting of detaching force)
thickness of an attracted element (the element cannot be too thin, because in such case part of magnetic flux is not used for closing of a magnetic circuit)
working temperature.

Height including a handle: ~78 mm

Weight of the holding magnet: ~2,0 [kg]

Vekt2 kg
Styrke24 kg
OverflateSyrefast stål
Maks. temperatur80°C
Mål av magnetiske del80 x 80 x 32 mm
Gjenge (mm)M10
Håndtak lengde78 mm
Magnetfeltmin. ~0,250 [T]
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